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IMEI, ESN, MEID number Information

Have you ever purchased a used, or even a brand new iPhone or Smartphone only to find out it is blocked by the carrier? Chances are, you have bought a Bad ESN device.

Our goal is to inform of what your options are, because chances are – the phone seems worthless. We provide information about how and why phones have a blacklisted IMEI number, are blocked by their carrier, and what you can do about it.

ESN stands for electronic serial number. It is the unique identifier for mobile devices. The more technical references for ESN numbers are IMEI or MEID. If a device has a bad esn, it means it has a bad electronic serial number, rendering it useless.

Free IMEI Checker

Get instant results on the status of your IMEI, MEID or ESN number. The IMEI check service supports the US and Canada IMEI Blacklist as well as the following carriers: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, MetroPCS, Straight Talk, Net10, Tracphone and Cricket wireless. Free IMEI Checker

What does it mean to have a Bad Esn phone?

  • You will not be able to activate or transfer your cellphone plan to your device
  • You cannot unlock it and use it for a different carrier
  • Purchasing these devices can be nearly impossible to return
  • Carrier will require the original owner of the phone to get the device out of delinquent status

How does a phone become a Bad Esn?

  • Phone Reported Lost or Stolen
  • Outstanding, Delinquent or Past due balance on account
  • Unpaid Early Termination Fee
  • Failure to fulfill contract terms
  • Unpaid balance to insurance company
  • Sold while still on contract
  • Behind on phone bill