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Check IMEI Number

ESN stands for electronic serial number. It is the unique identifier for mobile devices. The more technical references for ESN numbers are IMEI or MEID. If a device has a bad esn, it means it has a bad electronic serial number, rendering it useless.

What does it mean to have a Bad Esn phone?

  • You will not be able to activate or transfer your cellphone plan to your device
  • You cannot unlock it and use it for a different carrier
  • Purchasing these devices can be nearly impossible to return
  • Carrier will require the original owner of the phone to get the device out of delinquent status

How does a phone become a Bad Esn?

  • Phone Reported Lost or Stolen
  • Outstanding, Delinquent or Past due balance on account
  • Unpaid Early Termination Fee
  • Failure to fulfill contract terms
  • Unpaid balance to insurance company
  • Sold while still on contract
  • Behind on phone bill